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At Autobis, soundproofing materials from VIBROFILTR are installed, according to the recommended word standards from the manufacturer to maximize vibration resistance and soundproof performance. The effectiveness of soundproofing materials depends on thickness, the thicker the material, the greater absorption, many types of soundproofing materials have protective coatings to protect the material from moisture, chemicals and impacts. other. Mandatory requirement for any sound insulation - sound permeability: sound waves must penetrate the protective coating of fine porous materials, in which acoustic vibrations are reduced. Sound insulation materials from the pore structure also have a considerable heat insulation effect. VIBROFILTR material is used to create anti-vibration and waterproof layers for cars and places where sound insulation is required, to protect against vibration and sound leakage.

Using VIBROFILTR sound and heat insulation materials with high elasticity to absorb vibrations by the butyl rubber deformation method and aluminum core to gradually reduce sound wave vibration, eliminate low frequency noise (20 to 500 Hz). To enhance the effect of VIBROFILTR sound-absorbing materials that absorb high frequency noise, use VIBROFILTR material containing a layer of fine foam (PES) or polyurethane that absorbs sound waves.

Materials sound and heat insulation VIBROFILTR, was born in 2005 by the German technology company Baumüller in the city of Ivanovo, Russia.