The modern market offers a wide variety of anti-vibration and soundproof materials with different external specifications, specifications and prices. Each manufacturer has developed its own technological process for the use of manufactured materials for sound insulation.
With more than 10 years of experience in the field of vehicle audio, distribution of car audio equipment, we understand more than anyone the needs of sound insulation and sound pages on each car audio project we have been implementing, The distributor of Autobis would like to bring to our partners and customers the famous car soundproof brand Dr Artex with the material properties with many innovations such as Mastic Butyl Rubber that can be thermally controlled, not melted or melted. extruded up to 150 ° C, odorless due to the use of Class A raw materials. Signature products make the brand such as Earth collection - EARTH.QUATRO 4 mm double layer material for flooring with a wide foil thickness 160 mKm (thickest in the soundproof market). Skyline Collection brings SKY.MANTLE & SKY.PALLIUM. Lightest sound insulation material on the market with about 38% lighter weight than conventional materials on the market with the highest efficiency.
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