Audio of Focal - Beyond the audio experience.

Audio of Focal - Beyond the audio experience.
19 February, 2021

High quality DrARTEX materials from Russia - Investment tuning

The modern market offers a wide variety of anti-vibration and soundproof materials with diferent external specifications, specifications and prices. Each manufacturer has developed its own technological process for the use of manufactured materials for sound insulation. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of sound pages, distribution of car audio equipment, we know better than anyone about the needs of sound insulation and sound pages on each car audio project we have been doing, home Autobis distribution would like to offer partners and customers two reputable car soundproofing brands with properties of

Using DrARTEX materials, genuine NGA effective up to 70%
Reduces floor reverberation, tire noise at high speeds and on bad roads Sound insulation is effective from the outside environment as well as the noise and noise caused by the operation of the vehicle.
     The car is compact and firmer, listening to music better and clearer
     Better insulation.
     Use genuine materials
     No odor, no harmful substances, does not affect the user

Do not use recycled materials
Does not flake
Does not cause odor

Soundproof products are researched and produced in Russia by a team of leading experts in automobile sound insulation

★ Bring a quiet, smooth car compartment
★ Reduce the heat transferred from the outside
★ Help improve the sound quality and the health of the occupants
★ Environmentally friendly using ISO and RoHS compliant materials

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